Cast & Crew

Our cast (the PT Mystery Players) is a group of young and more mature amateur actors who donate all their time and talent to the cause and we are deeply grateful for them. We promise you an evening of fun, laughter, and fine dining!

jan-boutilier Jan BoutilierIf you or your child spent a lot of time in the office in high school, you probably know Jan. She has been an important part of Dinner and a Murder since its inception, and has been in the show every year. She was also a regular in shows put on by the O’Meara Dance Studio. Jan claims that she used to be shy, but we don’t believe her.
  John Clise – If you live in Port Townsend, you probably know John, who used to own Aldrich’s and has served as mayor. He has been active with the Key City Public Theatre, even playing God at one point. We can’t compete with that, but John seems to enjoy our shows as he keeps coming back.
David Crozier – Any thought that David might only be on stage because his wife is forcing him to do it will vanish as soon as he begins to speak. David has been with us from the beginning. He helped Ramon write the script for a couple of past shows, so he gets part of the blame for these messes.  If it wasn’t for David, Ramon still wouldn’t know what a shillelagh was.
Mary Crozier – Mary has been crucial to the show from the very beginning. I’ve never seen anyone pull a costume together as quickly and thoroughly as she does. Mary was also a regular with the O’Meara Dance Studio, where she had 4 or 5 costumes instead of just the one we ask for.
Ramon Dailey – Author & Director
Tiela Dailey
 marie-beebe  Marie Beebe Farmer – This is Marie’s 4th time on stage with us and comes from a long line of entertainers.  She is having a blast and so enjoys working with her great cast and crew members who are all wonderful and so supportive of each other.   She’s also very excited about the plot twist to this year’s show!
  Jim Guthrie – Jim brings a lot more than his acting chops to the stage – he actually brings the stage. Jim and his students have built our sets the last couple of years, which has increased our production value exponentially. He is also an ordained minister and performed Ramon and Tiela’s wedding ceremony in the 2010 mystery.
Jason Hollingsworth –
Sheryl Klock – Stage Manager & Co-Director

This will be Sheryl’s 6th year with us!

  Zach NeSmith – Zach is an actor of some renown in Port Townsend. He’s been a regular with the Key City Public Theatre. He jumped in at nearly the last minute in 2010 when Jason was unable to do the show due to work commitments. Plus, the poor guy had to play one of the most wretched parts in all of theater – he played Ramon.
  Peggy Tonan – If there’s anyone on our stage who loves an audience more than I do, it’s Peggy. They love her in return. She joined us the second year and, never one to waste time, Peggy was guilty of murder that year. Who knows? Maybe she’ll strike again…



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