Cast & Crew

Our cast (the PT Mystery Players) is a group of amateur actors who donate all their time and talent to the cause, and we are deeply grateful for them. We promise you an evening of fun, laughter, and fine dining!

  Marie BeebeThis is Marie’s 7th time on stage with us and comes from a long line of entertainers.  She is having a blast and so enjoys working with her great cast and crew members who are all wonderful and so supportive of each other.   She’s also very excited about the plot twist to this year’s show!
Jan BoutilierIf you or your child attended Port Townsend High School, you probably know Jan. She has been an important part of the Mystery Dinner since its inception and has been in the show every year. She performed many years with the O’Meara Dance Studio and was a regular in the 10-year run of PT’s Fantabulous Follies. She left the school district in 2021 after 35 years and now enjoys more time with hubby Chet and can be seen every day – rain or shine – out walking miles with her dogs, Cappy and Olivia. She is a 30-year member of the Booster Sisters, promoting Fun, Frivolity and Laughter, a Kiwanian, a PTHS Alumni Association board member, and volunteers for the non-profit YEA Music. Jan claims she used to be shy, but we don’t believe her. She is happy to put on a show this year and is thankful that Ramon is still a creative genius and writing us scripts!
David CrozierDavid has been a member of the PT Mystery Players since its inception. He was the catalyst to bring the shows under Kiwanis. Currently he is the Governor of the Pacific Northwest District of Kiwanis and that, along with his full-time job, are keeping him pretty busy. Even though he gets typecast as a crazy Irishman frequently, he jumps into the role, because basically, he is one.
Mary CrozierMary has been having fun performing in the annual Dinner & a Murder show since it’s inception in 2006.  She was also a proud member of the O’Meara Dance Studio “Fantabulous Follies” and appeared in those shows from 2006 – 2015.  She doesn’t consider herself a “professional”, but she really enjoys performing.  Other opportunities for her to “perform” are: “First Lady” of the Kiwanis PNW District, President of the PTHS Alumni Association, Rhody Board Vice President, and a Fun, Frivolous & Laughing member of The Booster Sisters.  “Happiest of Holidays to you!”
Ramon Dailey (Author & Director)Ramon has been writing and directing our murder mysteries since 2006. He’s the main reason we “act” this way. And he’s brilliant. No. Really. He directed us to say that.
Lloyd DieckmanLloyd is an invaluable addition to our cast, not only is he unbelievably handsome, but he is also strong and talented. A true unicorn, one of a kind, broke the mold, and outrageously funny. He is a plumber, welder, sheet metal fabricator, roofer, sider, residential framer, firefighter, damage control-man, computer network technologist and automation control engineer. He is a man of many talents and currently works for Swift plumbing.

We don’t know what we would do without him.
  Jim GuthrieJim has appeared in most of our productions. He also designs and builds the sets for the shows. Jim has experience acting and building for various community theater groups. He considers this acting company to be “Amazing! I laughed. I cried. smh jk”. Note the gratuitous use of hipster abbreviations. lol

Jennifer Mead

She is a starving artist with a big heart.  She is wild, wacky, and weird.  A true go getter in equality of human rights and won’t back down.  This is her second year with the PT Mystery Players and already the lead!

Zach NesmithZach NeSmith keeps himself busy going after his dream of being a professional voice actor. Currently he owns the role of the enigmatic, cannibalistic necromancer Oxivius Soulforge in Reed Logan Westgate’s urban fantasy, the Baku Trilogy (Infernal Games, Dirge of the Dead, Beyond the Mist) on audiobook on Amazon, iTunes and Audible. He is happy to have other actors to bounce off of for the first time in a long time in his seventh go-around with Dinner & A Murder.
Kimberly SnowKimberly Snow is in fact really the muscle. She is freakishly strong and is a member of Embassy Arms, Nathan Barnett’s Historical Martial Arts class in Port Townsend, where she specializes in battle ready cutlass. Her dream has always been to not be an actor. Her last experience with acting was at the Old Consulate Inn’s annual Halloween Haunted Bordello, where year after year she exceled at lying in graves dressed in a corset, surrounded by spider webs and frightening the locals. Her hobbies include doing insane projects for friends in need, writing future bestselling novels, and wine tasting.
Kade WoolfKade is a transplant from Ashland, Oregon. They studied theater arts and music at an early age and as an adult put those skills to use as an occasional bar wench, historical reenactor, or haunted house denizen. You may have encountered them in the ‘Haunted Bordello’, helping out at the Steam Punk Festival, or inside Peninsula Credit Union where they can be found behind an absurdly angled desk in the lobby with only occasional singing.